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Run Lumo with `node --inspect`


Context here

My purpose was to run Lumo directly with Node.js , then people like me who is more familiar with Node.js can use node --inspect to use DevTools to find slow functions.

According to @anmonteiro90 that usage of Lumo is already supported. The thing to do is to compile with boot dev, which looks like:

(deftask dev []
    (bundle-js :dev true)))

Make sure you have run yarn to get the latest dependencies. Then yarn dev will be okay, which is an alias for:

node target/bundle.js -k lumo-cache -c target

-k refers “cache”, -c refers to “classpath”. So for my case, I can run with this command:

node --inspect target/bundle.js

It will generate an URL for Chrome to open the DevTools. to start with the most simple commands.

I tried, the Profiler in DevTools worked. Cheers.

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