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ClojureScript 1.9.198 发布


貌似我看得懂的也就是 :refer-macros 被干掉了这一点…!topic/clojurescript/a7KnSSwJsbk


This release brings cljs.spec to parity with Clojure
1.9.0-alpha10. This release also includes a large number of
enhancements to the ns form:

  • :refer now features macro inference. There is no longer any need
    to supply both :refer and :refer-macros in the same :require, the
    compiler will figure it out.
  • clojure.* namespaces will now automatically be aliased to their
    ClojureScript equivalents. For example this means that the following
    is perfectly valid ClojureScript:

(:require [clojure.spec :refer [fspec]]))

>  This feature and the previous one should significantly reduce reader
  conditional usage in ns forms.

> * thanks to Antonio Monteiro we now support :rename

> We also have a new feature that is relevant for tooling such as
Figwheel and cljs-devtools - :preloads. This should now be the
standard way to inject some bit of side-effecting setup after core but
before user code (i.e. connecting REPLs to standard ports, etc.).

> There are of course many various small fixes and enhancements, so
a very big thank you to everyone that has contributed.

> As always feedback welcome!

啥时候支持 macro 和 cljs 代码混写就好, 我发现很多时候, macro 并不是通用的, 只是专门问 cljs

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